1. Max, I feel like I know you [or where you’re at] so much better after reading this article. I can see your mind slowly intangling the mess that is ‘exercise’ (and I’m encouraged to see parkour still plays a part).
    I hope to regain losses of ‘movement time’ in my life so I can contribute to your path.
    I’m focusing on finding ways to make movement relevant in non-favourable conditions i.e. reluctant familyand I suspect the concept of ‘adventure’ will play a part somehow.

    (also we need shared idom for our cultural mythology e.g. ‘go well’ or some such that we can say at the end of a talk)

  2. Max Bell

    Hey. Yea I’ve been getting away from parkour, and getting inspired by the idea of movnat or ancestral fitness or natural fitness (whatever want to call it) where it looks at exercise as separated from mess of the ideas from the modern fitness industry lol, and more as something that we just did while getting around in the olden days.

    Will be interesting to hear where you’re at with movement too.

    Go well 😉

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