1. Great article Max, very enlightening. I have been saying all along that there are some “fast” OCR athletes in NZ. These results prove that. Did you know that last years OCRWC winner Jon Albon won in 1:33hr over a 15km course. This means that the NZ winners in the races you highlighted ran a minute forty per km faster. I’m sure the OCRWC course was “alot” more difficult (maybe) but a quick pace is still key. Maybe this is an area of the sport you can highlight in your articles? Does NZ produce athletes with bigger engines?….lol, that would lay down the challenge! Anyway, it’s just an interesting stat and I like stats.

  2. Max Bell

    Hi Colin. Cheers, yea it would be an interesting comparison. I’m sure the OCRWC course was a lot more difficult!

    The Tough Guy and Gal course is pretty tame, I’d say. I haven’t run where they hold the Championships, but I’ve run two of the other locations. They have no upper body obstacles (no walls, no monkey bars, no carries, etc). There’s a few crawls, and plenty of mud and water. It wouldn’t surprise me if the times were faster on the Tough Guy and Gal than the OCRWC, as it’s a runners course. The 2015 winner is a multi-sport Champ who I think is slated to be an Olympic hopeful – he’s only 18 or so.

    The Wairua Warrior has taken place for 2016 and had completion times of 1 hour 30 for 12km. It was a lot harder than 2015, from what I hear! Lots of hills, lots of obstacles – including things like a hercules hoist, 2 sand bag carrys and a tire carry (all up hill), balancing beams, walls, monkey bars. Has to be one of the top OCRs in NZ. The distance remained the same as 2015 but the completion times reduced dramatically – due to a lot harder course (maybe more in line with how a Spartan or the OCRWC would be..? I’m not sure. It’s hard to compare courses isn’t it… as can’t reallly measure obstacles but can more esily measure distance). I managed to come in 2nd Elite male 😀 First place was a motocross rider (so pretty much the same thing but with a bike lol).

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