A Golden Opportunity in Organising Sports Events…

I managed to find myself in charge of organising a Golf Tournament…

golf flyer

Being a student majoring in Sports Management, this is a golden opportunity to prove I can do a sports event. I just need to put in the sweat to make it successful.

Some areas of organising an event I’ve had experience with before, and so I’m pulling lessons from that previous experience. But other areas of events I’ve now found myself pretty much in the deep end – and hoping I can make it happen. Knowing not much about golf, I’m thankful for the attached Golf Club’s support in running the “sport side” of things, while my job largely involves back-end sponsorship and promotion for the event.

I finish a Sports Management degree at the end of this year. As both obstacle course racing and parkour rise in popularity in New Zealand, someone give me a job in one of these emerging industries (as that would be the pinnacle of awesome, where I could combine my personal passion with my knowledge from study and work experience from things such as organising this event) – but, perhaps being more realistic, my dream is to continue to be a participant in these amazing physical activities and find a position in sports events. Sports events are what I would love to do, and this Golf Tournament is great experience.

If you’re a golfer, come along to Bulls August 29th. Proceeds from the Tournament are being donated to charity.

More info about the Forget Me Not Golf Tournament is on Eventfinda.